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Window Boxes ~ They can add such charm!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

When I remodeled my house many years back I knew part of the remodel plan was to include some big window boxes in the front of my house. I figured they could add such charm and you could change them out for each season.

I couldn't be happier with this decision. I actually have people stop at my house when I am outside and compliment them.

These year I did just Lavender. I didn't get this idea from anywhere except in my head. I figured the full-on purple would look pretty against my yellow house but that also, when you sit in the front room with the windows open you would be able to smell the lavender. It was a win-win and turned out exactly like I had planned.

Next I wanted to share the pictures of my house with the old vinyl siding, when we took the old vinyl siding off and then the picture of the remodel with the window boxes.

I decorate the window boxes each season. Below are some fall themes.

Next are some Christmas themes.

Summer is definitely my favorite.

I even put a farmhouse style window box in my sunroom and decorate that seasonally.

I really am crazy for window boxes!! Hope this post gives some inspiration for your window box planters.


Tracey Pecchia

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