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Styling your Outdoor Area

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your backyard on the patio on a late summer afternoon and having a glass of wine. It's what we live for!

I have a few tips for styling our outdoor areas:

  • Add distinctive spaces ~ a space for eating, a space for conversation, a space for firepit, etc.

  • Add an outdoor rug ~ it breaks up the space.

  • Add more than one umbrella ~ they are beautiful and we all need the shade.

  • Add lots of pops of color ~ you can't go wrong.

  • Add lots of pretty flowers in pretty pots.

  • Add lanterns that flicker at night ~ there are so many options!

  • Add string patio lights ~ lighting make the whole scene at night.

  • While we're at it, add candles!

  • Add a fire area ~ I have three, and old fireplace my husband's grandfather built, a gas fire pit and a tall fire heater.

  • Add comfort ~ lots of cushions, pillows and blankets.

  • Add small tables to put your drinks on.

  • Add a garden if you can ~ I have an herb garden and a zinnia garden.

  • Add a potting bench ~ it is so useful!! It doubles when entertaining as a beverage, food station.

  • Add some hanging plants up high ~ height gives a layer of dimension

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your outdoor area. The most important thing to add to your outdoor area are some good people and some good stiff drinks!!


Tracey Pecchia

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