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Swoon Worthy Pools

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We just recently finished building a pool and it got me thinking that anyone can have a pool. We had to make a lot of adjustments due to the size our our yard, electrical wires, etc. but in the end, anything can be done. The latest trend in pools are smaller versions. I think people are a bit tired of the upkeep and realize that a smaller, relaxing pool is the way to go. Also, less worrisome with kids.

I am calling my pool a cocktail sized pool. Just big enough to lounge with some friends and have cocktails.

I started searching the internet and found these swoon worthy small pools!

  • First -- Moroccan Style

This one is my all time favorite.

The green tile is to die for!

Luscious landscape makes a space.

  • Stock Pool

Also know as a hillbilly swimming pool, this pool was made popular by the DIYer who can make anything beautiful and Instagram worthy. A stock pool is made of galvanized steel and is traditionally used to hold water and feed livestock.

Paint it a pretty color or add a cool design.

You can add bamboo around it for tropical feel.

Or completely trick it out!

  • Above Ground Pool

Living up north, most people have no other choice then an above ground pool. You can definitely make it into something on a next level. It thought it was genius to add a bit of a shelf and bar stools.

Again, you can hide it with bamboo.

This pool gave me a cool midcentury modern vibe.

  • Plunge/Cocktail Sized Pool

Back to the plunge/cocktail pool. I love the decking around this one.

Another great new option on pools is a sun shelf. Perfect for relaxing and watching the kids.

This is my finished pool. It has a small sun shelf with a bubbler and a sitting bench with jacuzzi jets.

Now might be a good time to think about your pool for next year and get a heads-start on it. Whatever you decide, just make it your own!


Tracey Pecchia

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