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My Boho Beach House Bathroom Remodel ~ Before and After

I have the cutest Boho beach house in Siesta Key which definitely has a vibe. My vibe is bohemian, light, bright and a bit coastal. I love creamy whites, greens and neutrals.

We did many projects since we bought the house in March of 2020 but the biggest project so far has been the bathroom. Our bathroom went from a tiny 1950's blue and yellow time capsule with a small walk-in closest into the bathroom of my dreams.

Did I mention that the door wouldn't open all the way because the old toilet was tiny from the 50's and when we replaced it, they do not make toilets that small anymore.

First, the fun part, was picking some materials. It all starts with a good mood board!

You also need a really good sketch.

Second was demolition.

Third was putting it back together.

It all came together ever better then I ever imagined!

Its all in the details.

I am now very much enjoying every moment in my new bathroom. The ultimate space to get ready!

XOXO ~ Tracey Pecchia

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