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Sunroom Spring Vibes

The weather in New England is maybe changing? We actually have 10 seasons in New England, they are:


Fool’s Spring

Second Winter

Spring of Deception

Mud Season T minus 14 Days

Actual Spring


False Fall

Second Summer (1 Week)

Actual Fall

I believe we are in Fool's Spring at the moment. Being in Fool's Spring got me wanting to get out into the sunroom. I am sharing my sunroom which is the cozy spot in my house where I like to have my coffee in the morning and my wine on a Friday night.

The daybed is from Wayfair and the quilt and most of the pillows are from Target. Add a cozy fur blanket, some flowers and a candle.

At night I like to turn on the twinkle lights and a furry kitty!!

I hope you can spend some quiet time for yourself in your favorite cozy spot, like I do in my Sunroom.

With gratitude XO,


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