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Siesta Key Beach House

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

During the beginning of Covid-19, my husband and I bought a beach house in Siesta Key. We had no idea what the heck we were doing, but thought - nobody is buying at this moment in time and it is a key with no more room to build. We had thoughts about the stock market being a bad investment (not true) and you could not go wrong with real estate in Siesta Key. So far it turned out to be the best investment we ever made.

I will share our journey of renovating, decorating, shopping and exploring.

I started off with the kitchen, of course, because it is the place where everyone gathers. It had very good bones, nice cabinets and top of the line appliances.

I knew the countertops had to go since they were mismatched and brown. The peninsula was walnut wood which did not seem sanitary to me. I picked out a white quartz with just the smallest amount of marbling.

Next step was the backsplash. I had pinned this backsplash many times and now I had the chance to use it. It is a classic subway tile but with the rough edges to give it dimension. It also glimmers in the light! We added the under the cabinet lightning to accent its beauty.

I finished off the peninsula with some Serena and Lilly, Rivera knock-off stools ~ half the price, durable and beautiful. I changed out all of the ceiling fans and added a boho chandelier.

This is truly the place that our family will make all of our memories.

I will keep your updated on our beach house renovations!!



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