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My Favorite Things this Week

I want to start sharing my favorite things each week to hopefully help as we all sometimes need a good recommendation.

  1. TV -- Mare of Eastown on HBO

Kate Winslet is so incredible in this show that it makes my heart swell!! Jean Smart is also incredible in this series. She is both funny and very lovable.

2. Movies -- Sound of Metal on Amazon Prime

I stumbled across this movie surfing on Amazon Prime and highly recommend it. The acting was phenomenal. I fell in love with Riz Ahmed when I saw him in the series "The Night Of", he is just incredible. The story was heartfelt and sad. It is the kind of movie that you can't help but keep thinking about it.

3. Wine

Now that the weather is getting hotter, this is the perfect in between wine. It is a Rose Cabernet Sauvignon by Mulderbosch. You can serve it chilled. It is refreshing and delicious.

4. Food

Also on the same premise that the weather is getting hotter and we need to eat clean and healthy to look good in our shorts, I am really into yogurt bowls at the moment. I like strawberry Chobani yogurt, with strawberry granola and sliced bananas.

5. Jewelry

This beautiful jewelry is made by Hopeanchor & Crew. It is a philanthropic jewelry company. This is the Light for Levi collection. Levi is a two year old that has a severe brain injury from a near downing tragedy. I can't say enough of the quality, craftmanship and pure beauty of this jewelry. You can buy it at The Light for Levi collection.

6. Sandals

Again with the hot weather theme! This sandals are genuine leather and made in Italy. The are soft and very comfortable. The are made by Bio-Gold. I bought this pair at TJ Maxx for $29.00.

I hope you enjoyed all my picks this week. I will try to do this on a weekly basis in hopes of inspiration.


Tracey Pecchia

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