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Five of my favorite cleaning hacks.

Spring is hopefully right around the corner! Our weather in New England is supposed to be around 65 degrees at the end of the week which means sneakers and sweatshirts instead of boots and coats. Yay!!

I am one of the people who actually enjoys cleaning. There is something about putting in the hard work, making everything sparkle, then lighting a candle with a glass of wine and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Here are five of my favorite cleaning hacks.

1. Use Orange Glow as a stainless steal cleaner.

2. Dryer sheets for stuck on food on your pots and pans.

3. Coca-Cola to clean the toilet.

4. Remove carpet stains with Vodka (doesn't have to be the good stuff!)

5. Toothpaste to clean sneakers.

Enjoy the good weather where ever you live! We all need the sun and fresh air after all we have been through the past year.

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