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Amazing Fruit Salads

I have a very good friend who is very artsy and likes to turn his meals into works of art. I thought I would share with you some of his creations and also share some creative fruit salads that would be great for an upcoming party.

This is the fruit salad my friend made for my daughter's bridle shower.

and this he made for a 4th of July party.

Here are a few I found on Pinterest which are made for a baby shower. I think it is super cute that there is a special fruit salad for twins!

This fruit salad would be amazing for a pool party.

And I was amazed to see a fruit salad shaped as a cake. Very creative.

Another trend is everything as a charcuterie board, even fruit. Here are some very pretty fruit platters.

Whatever the event, a fruit salad/platter is always a must so why not get creative!!


Tracey Pecchia

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