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12 Steps to Create that Boho, Beachy Vibe in Your Home!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Step 1 ~ Natural woods and whites. Give it the clean, natural look.

Step 2 ~ Add some blues. Nothing says beachy like the color of the ocean.

Step 3 - How about a really cool, nature inspired wallpaper. Wallpaper is so in right now, perfect for the beach look. This one actually looks like waves!

Step 4 ~ A bunk room. Every beach house has to have a bunk room.

Step 5 ~ Rattan. The ultimate natural beach element.

Step 6 ~ A collection of worldly elements. Nothing says bohemian like the look of travelling the world.

Step 7 ~ Add some color. The look below is perfect with botanical prints and colorful textiles.

Step 8 ~ Add lots and lots of plants.

Step 9 ~ Do not forget your outside space. This is literally where anything goes. Mix and match or don't match at all!

Step 10 ~ A beaded chandelier. Make it grand.

Step 11 ~ Some dreamy lights. While we are lighting it up, how about a boho music spot with some dreamy string lights.

Step 12 ~ Last but not least, nothing says beachy like a beach sign!

I hope this gives you some inspiration if you are looking for the boho, beach vibe in any part of your home. As always, the most important part is making it your own!


Tracey Pecchia

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