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How to dress when you are over 50 ~ not too trendy but cute and age appropriate :)

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Now that I am over 50 I am struggling on how to still be trendy but also age appropriate. No more crop tops, baggy clothes or too much makeup for me. I am going for more dresses, jackets and I have to say that I love sneakers.

I feel like the outfit below could be go for running around on a Saturday, maybe meeting up with a girlfriend for brunch. Also, it is really great news that fanny packs are in style, but you don't have to wear them on your fanny. Strap them across your body, great for running around or biking.

Same outfit ~ different shoes, could be late afternoon drinks with friends.

The next outfit is two different ways. The first could be for a Sunday party, like a shower or birthday.

Add a jacket and can turn into drinks outside at night by a fire heater.

Hoping to get out into the world a bit more and hoping you are too wherever you live. Here's to living!!


Tracey Pecchia

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