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Boho Fashion Style

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Yes!! ~ you can still wear the Boho style after the age of 50. It is actually what I prefer due to the easy-breezy, light weight comfort. I also love it because it brings back memories of my fashion-style when I was a child in the 70's. The peasant blouses, wide leg jeans, high waist pants and floppy hats. I am so happy they are all making their comeback!! Here are some of my favorite summertime Boho looks. I hope they give some inspiration.

The first look is a dress and cowboy boots. That's it ~ how easy is that.

The second look is a peasant blouse with wide leg, high waisted jeans. Add strappy flat sandals and some Raybans and it is a great Saturday, hopping around town look. It can even be a casual work outfit.

The next look is jean shorts with a white tee and a cover up kimono. This look can go anywhere in the summer.

The last look is another Boho dress. With these dresses, it is all about the details. Look for something fun with movement. This dress actually has a very lightweight liner which makes it perfect because the dress stays put.

I also really try to keep up on my hair color in the summer keeping it blonde. I do not blow-dry it - ever. When it is wet I twirl my hair in sections and let it air dry, which gives it the beachy waves.

I hope this give some inspiration to Boho summer fashion after the age of 50. We can all still have fun with our fashion!


Tracey Pecchia

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