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My Massage Envy Chemical Peel

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I am going to really put myself out there with some real pictures to show all you over 50 women my chemical peel process. I have the greatest aesthetician at Massage Envy and had many sessions to use from Covid. I never entertained getting a chemical peel but I trusted my aesthetician so much and when she suggested it to me, I finally decided to do it.

This first picture is the day before.

The process involves a really good consult of what you will feel and what is being used along with post-peel instructions. Basically, you lie face up on the really comfy table and your aesthetician applies the product which will eventually take off a few layers of skin. She does this slowly and asks your comfort/pain on a scale of 1-5 along the way. She also puts a small fan on both sides of your face to cool the burning sensation. I got through 3 stages which I believe you can get to 5. I did not want to over do it and thought if I loved it, I could always go back at a later time and get through a bit more.

This is immediately after the process.

I felt like my skin was glowing but knew that would not last for long. It would take a few days for the skin to peel off.

This is day 2.

Still not looking bad, but starting to peel. You are sent home with a package of products which come at no additional cost with your peel. They include face wash, sunblock, 2 moisturizers, 2 serums, ReBalance to take away redness and collagen hydrator. It really is a nice package from PCA skin.

This next picture shows some real peeling going on!

It wasn't so bad if you just keep moisturizing and I also could hide behind my Covid mask.

The final picture is the finished product with a very little makeup on.

I would highly recommend the treatment. I feel like it evened out my skin tone and gave me a bit of a glow.

Now onto a neck treatment!! Recommendations highly appreciated!



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